Veterinary Dental Care of dogs and cats is one of the most commonly overlooked areas of pet health care. Hilton Animal Hospital in Newport News provides full dental care for your pet with our modern dental equipment.

Veterinary Dental Care does not have to be expensive. A little can go a long way. We pride ourselves in coming up with solutions for our clients that fit most budgets.

A recent study showed that approximately two-thirds of pets suffer from dental disease.

Bad breath is the most common problem noted by owners. Gum disease is an infection resulting from build-up of dental plaque and bacteria, which often leads to infection in the bone surrounding the teeth. Bacteria from these infected teeth can enter the bloodstream and cause systemic disease.

Periodontal Disease Info-graphic (PDF)

Oral Lesions in Cats (PDF)

Periodontal Lesions in Dogs and Cats (PDF)