Health Insurance for Pets

Veterinary medicine is becoming very sophisticated and offers many advancing new technologies; which gives owners an increasing number of treatment options for their sick pets. That also means that veterinary care can become very costly. Sadly, we see many examples where the ability to pay for a pet’s veterinary care becomes the deciding factor whether a pet can receive the treatment it needs. Pet health insurance is very affordable and will, on average, reimburse you for about 70% to 90% of your veterinary bills, depending on your plan. 

The following companies are the leading pet insurance providers in the US. Click on the links below to see each company’s website. The sites will allow you to enter your pet’s information and get an immediate estimate of the cost of pet health insurance. (You don’t have to use your real name or email to get a quote.) Each company is a little different, so you will have to do some comparison shopping. We have listed the top US per insurance companies below. We are not insurance brokers, we don’t have any affiliation with any insurance company; so we encourage you to look at all options and make a decision that is best for you. 

To learn more about Pet Health Insurance and compare companies go to:

In a nutshell: the plans above are different in their reimbursement schemes, but very alike in the final cost to the consumer. The higher the portion, that the client contributes to the veterinary bill, the lower the monthly premium. Conversely, the more that you want the insurance company to pay the higher your monthly premium will be. 

Know what you need: The average sick-visit costs about $300. (Estimate a low of $150 and a high of $600). How often do you have to go to the vet with your pet? Can you handle an annual veterinary expenditure of $600, $1000, $2500, $5000, $10,000? At what point can you not pay it off on your credit card? At what point do you need help? 

Do not over-insure your pet: Remember, as your pet gets older the monthly premiums will increase slightly. Will you be prepared to pay a higher premium over time? Extra riders for wellness or specialty therapy are expensive and are only worth it if you plan to take advantage of all the services that are offered; year after year.