Our Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive high-quality veterinary care with emphasis on exceptional client service and compassionate patient care, while providing employees with enjoyable, fulfilling and financially rewarding employment.


To provide the most rewarding experience for clients, pets and employees by satisfying the needs of each beyond their expectations.

3 Commandments

Treat every client as you would your best friend.

Treat every pet as if it were your own.

Treat every co-worker as you would your family.

Hospital Philosophy

Our primary concern is for the welfare of our patients. We will treat our patients with kindness and compassion, and provide them with the highest quality of medical and surgical care. We will offer the best standard of care to our clients and we will not compromise our ethical standards to make money. We are the advocates for our patients. It is our job to educate the client as to their pet’s needs; only excellent client education will result in owner compliance.

We want to build long-lasting relationships with our clients through excellent service and continuous client education. Our clients are our friends as well as our customers, and we value their continued trust and goodwill. Courtesy and patience with clients and their pets are our priorities. An attitude of “We are glad you are here” must be conveyed to each and every client. Clients favor us by selecting us to care for their pets, and not vice versa. This is probably the most important concept for us to remember, and making it easier to understand the importance of showing genuine concern and interest in a client’s problem. We deal with many clients every day and though a problem may seem small, it is important to understand that it is of primary and singular importance to that client. We have to make each client feel that his / her individual problem is our most important concern.

Our staff is our greatest asset; and our primary Human Resource Objective is excellent staff training. To be successful in our mission, we have to work as a cohesive team by striving to treat each other with respect, consideration and professionalism. To be a confident team member each one of us has to be well educated within our job description. Each team member has to be dedicated to perpetual learning as well as the education of clients and of co-workers.

Exceptional Service     /   Compassionate Care