Hilton Animal Hospital offers complete diagnostic evaluations, including radiology and ultrasound services, and therapy for pets suffering from cardiovascular disease and respiratory disorders.

We are pleased to offer comprehensive evaluations of cardiac diseases in dogs and cats. This includes ultrasounds (echocardiograms) of the heart by Dr. Julie Pearson.

Dogs and cats can suffer from a variety of problems related to their heart and lungs, many of which are similar to their human companions. This encompasses such ailments as canine and feline congestive heart failure, hypertension, dilated and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and valvular disorders.  With proper medical treatment and prescription management, many pets suffering from these afflictions can often continue to live full and happy lives.  

At Hilton Animal Hospital your pet will receive a complete evaluation of it’s heart utilizing

Ultrasound (Echocardiogram)

EKG -Electrocardiogram

Digital Radiography

Blood Pressure Measurement

Complete Diagnostic Laboratory Service


The big advantage of utilizing telemedicine technology is that your pet receives the expertise from a Board-Certified Specialist without the need to travel long distances.

Cardiac cases are reviewed by a Board-Certified Veterinary Cardiologist. At Hilton Animal Hospital we are able to transmit diagnostic studies of your pet’s heart to our Veterinary Telemedicine Services. The cardiologists in conjunction with Dr. Pearson will then develop a treatment plan for your pet. 

Echocardiograms are reviewed by a Board-Certified Veterinary Cardiologist for Pet-Rays.

Further Telemedicine Cases are also be transmitted to IDEXX Telemedicine