COVID Protocol September 2021

Due to the alarming increase of transmission of the COVID Delta Variant, we again are forced to institute special protective measures to keep our team safe. Please understand that in order for our hospital to function and to continue to provide services to our clients & patients, we have to ensure that our team members remain healthy!
We will continue to adjust our protocols and procedures as transmission rates in our community change. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

  • For now, we are only allowing fully vaccinated clients to wait inside our building. Proof of vaccination will be required.
  • All clients are required to wear a face mask, no matter what their vaccine status.
  • To limit person to person exposure, clients will be asked to wait in the lobby while their pet is treated in the exam room. When applicable you will be invited into the exam room for brief / private consultations with our healthcare team.
  • If our lobby becomes too crowded, clients may be asked to wait in their car.
  • We would appreciate if only ONE Pet Parent accompanies a patient into the hospital. In special circumstances no more than two fully-vaccinated adults will be allowed into the building. At this time, we will no longer allow unvaccinated children into the building

For unvaccinated clients or high-risk clients, we will continue to provide curbside service.
  • The patient will be handed off in the lobby and the client will be asked to wait in their car.
  • Once treatment is completed our healthcare team will contact you by phone. Payment will also be over the phone. We will return the your dog or cat to you in our lobby. 

Please continue to check-in by phone when you arrive. This is very important so that we can control the traffic flow in the hospital.

For your safety, please ensure that all dogs are on a leash with a SECURE collar, and that all cats are in a secure carrier